Adam Kipp


Hi, my name is Adam Kipp, and I have the pleasure of being the pastor at Grace Bible Church. I wasn’t always going to be a pastor though. I attended The Ohio State University and earned a bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering with dreams of designing roller coasters for a living. I eventually decided that life itself is a big enough roller coaster and answered God’s calling to pursue training for full time ministry.

That took me to Dallas Theological Seminary. I spent four wonderful years there making friends and growing in knowledge and love of the Lord. But my heart wasn’t in Texas; it was yearning to put all that great learning to use ministering to the warm and wonderful people in the Midwest. And so I now find myself ministering as the Pastor of Grace Bible Church

Who’s in that picture with me? That would be my wife, friend, and high school sweetheart, Cara.

Now you know a little about me but I’d love the chance to get to know a little more about you. So if you stop by make sure you say hi.